Breathe easy, Missouri S&T is tobacco free

As of Aug. 1, 2016, S&T is a tobacco-free campus. It’s part of our continuing commitment to making our university a healthy and welcoming place for all.

Whether you’re a student, an employee or a visitor to S&T, we can help you abide by this policy, show you where the policy applies and direct you to resources to help you quit tobacco or manage your cravings.


As of Aug. 1, 2016, Missouri S&T is a tobacco-free campus. S&T students, employees and visitors who wish to use tobacco or related products must leave campus before doing so. The policy prohibits the use of tobacco-derived or tobacco-containing products, including cigars and cigarettes, pipes, oral and nasal tobacco products, e-cigs or vapes, or any other product that mimics tobacco or the smoking of any other substance. Tobacco use is permitted off university property.

For more information:

Review the frequently asked questions about the policy
Read the policy itself (PDF)



The campus district includes certain private property, property leased to third parties, and public streets and sidewalks. If you choose to use tobacco or tobacco-derived products such as vapes or e-cigs near campus, please respect our campus neighbors.

• Follow the applicable private owner, private lessor or city smoking policy.
• Don’t trespass on private property.
• Don’t litter tobacco products on private property, public streets and sidewalks.

Also, please abide by all pedestrian safety ordinances and refrain from standing in city-owned streets. Thank you for your cooperation and support.

A map identifying the boundaries of our tobacco-free campus is available for download.

Download map



If you currently use tobacco and want to quit or just manage your cravings through the workday, we can help. Missouri S&T provides support and resources for employees and students who want to quit using tobacco products. Support could include: free nicotine replacement therapy (patches, gum or lozenges), one-on-one support, and a personalized quit plan and quit kit to help.


• For Missouri S&T faculty and staff
• For Missouri S&T students

Benefits of quitting

For Missouri S&T employees, quitting tobacco means more money in your pocket. Faculty and staff who are enrolled in the University Health Plan and certify they are tobacco free or in an approved cessation program will receive a discount of $50 per month on their medical insurance premiums.

Other benefits of quitting include:

• Improved blood circulation.
• Improved senses of taste and smell.
• More stamina and energy.
• More money.
• Reduced risk of diseases such as emphysema, heart disease and cancers.
• Improved self-image and self-respect.
• Whiter teeth and fresher breath.
• Better smelling hair, clothes, home and car.
• No more worrying about when, where and how you'll get your next cigarette.



Successfully implementing our tobacco-free policy will depend on the support of all students, faculty and staff. If you see an employee, student, visitor, vendor or contractor violating the tobacco-free policy, please courteously remind the individual that Missouri S&T prohibits the use of tobacco products, including e-cigs and vapes, on university property.

Addressing a violation

If you see someone violating the tobacco-free policy, please approach the person in a kind, courteous manner. You might say, “Missouri S&T recently became a 100 percent tobacco-free campus, and if you must use tobacco, you’ll have to do it off university property.”

If an individual continues to use tobacco after being reminded about the policy, you’re encouraged to report him or her to the vice chancellor of finance and administration at