Create a new position

Process Overview 

Step 1.

Based on your understanding of the position's work, project if the desired position will be paid on an hourly basis or salary basis. Contact Human Resources with your questions.

Step 2.

Complete the proper Position Classification Questionnaire (PCQ) form by completing all of the necessary fields. Be as detailed as possible when describing the job duties and responsibilities.

Step 3.

Obtain the authorizing signatures. This can be accomplished by 1) emailing the PCQ form to the Dean, Vice Chancellor or Vice Provost for electronic approval or 2) an actual signature on the form and routed through campus mail.

Step 4.

Attach an organizational chart of the department and/or unit in which the position is located.

Step 5.

Route the forms, via e-mail ( or campus mail to Human Resources.

Step 6.

Classifications will be processed in the order received.

Step 7.

Once the position has been created, the department will receive an email notification.

Step 8.

After you receive the email notification, you can begin to recruit for this position. (Learn more about recruiting for a position)