Reclassify a position

Process Overview

When duties and responsibilities have changed significantly for a position, a reclassification needs to take place. This process can take a few days to several weeks, depending on the type of position.

Step 1.

Based on your understanding of the position's work, project if the desired position will be paid on an hourly basis or salary basis. Contact Human Resources with your questions.

Step 2.

Complete the Position Classification Questionnaire (PCQ) form.

In the duties section list your major job duties. Be as descriptive as possible. It is helpful to phrase your duties in this manner.


  • To operate, maintain and repair computer equipment and to provide technical assistance to users.
  • Prepares monthly newsletters by gathering information, writing copy, editing, preparing for publication and overseeing distribution.
  • Performs inventory spot checks and monthly counts of supplies in warehouse.

Step 3.

The employee signs the completed form. It is then submitted to the supervisor for review and signature.

Step 4.

Once the supervisor has signed the form, it is submitted to the Director, Vice Chancellor or Vice Provost for signature. This can be accomplished by 1) emailing the form to the Vice Provost Academic Affairs, et al, for electronic approval or 2) an actual signature on the form and routed through campus mail.

Step 5. 

Attach an organizational chart.

Step 6. 

Route the forms and approvals via email ( or campus mail to Human Resources.

Step 7. 

A job audit may be scheduled with the incumbent and the supervisor.

Step 8. 

Once a final determination regarding the classification has been made, an email notification will be sent to the supervisor.