Staff Recruit

Below is an overview of the staff recruitment process from start to finish. For a PDF version, please click here: Staff Recruit Overview

If you have an existing position number, you may continue to the next step.

If you are wanting to create a new position within your department, a position classification questionnaire (PCQ)  will need to be completed.

A PCQ is not needed for temporary positions.  To create a new temporary position number, send an email to HR Operations Support with the following information: the appropriate temporary job code, hours per week, who the employee will report to, and the department ID.

Once you have your position number, the job posting can be created in eRecruit. To access eRecruit, go to

After you login, go to Main Menu > Recruiting > Create Job Opening

If you do not have access to eRecruit, please fill out the PeopleSoft Security Access Form and send the completed copy to your HR strategic partner.

It is important that the minimum qualifications in your job posting match what is listed on UM System’s position description. Additional qualifications that are relevant and appropriate can be posted under Preferred Qualifications. If you have any questions about this, contact your HR strategic partner.

Please note that once your job posting is approved, it can be found on the S&T Careers page, HigherEd Jobs, and MO Jobs. Any additional postings need to be placed by the hiring department.

Itemize job-relevant criteria (knowledge, skills, and abilities) necessary to satisfactorily perform the tasks required of the position.

Select those individuals you wish to interview. We suggest a minimum of three to five applicants should be interviewed, including any current University employees. You may choose to interview all qualified applicants.

Consistently compare each applicant’s knowledge, skills and abilities to the job-relevant criteria.

Please note you may request HR to do an applicant screening of the initial pool. If you are interested in this service, contact your HR strategic partner.

Applicants selected for interview should have their Disposition Status Code changed to "Invite for Interview" in eRecruit.

Applicants not selected for interview should have their Disposition Status Code changed to "Reject" with the appropriate Status Reason selected from the drop-down menu.

Send an e-mail request to for interview approval. The e-mail should include the Job ID, list of Tier 1 candidates, and list of Tier 2 Candidates (if any). Equity and Title IX will review the information for Affirmative Action compliance.

 Upon AA/EEO approval, an email will confirm that you may proceed with scheduling the interviews. The e-mail approval will also be uploaded to the Activity & Attachments section of the Job Opening in eRecruit.

UM System Interview Guidelines

Generate an offer for the chosen candidate. Be sure to include the following details in the offer: anticipated start date, position number, FTE, moCode(s), campus address, phone number and position number of the supervisor the position will be reporting to. The applicants who were interviewed, but not selected should have their Disposition Status Code changed to "Reject" with the appropriate Status Reason selected from the drop-down menu. Once all candidates are dispositioned, submit the offer and then there will be an opportunity to add in the proper approval chain using the Approvals tab.

HR will contact the candidate when the offer reaches “multiple approvers” in the approval chain. When HR is able to connect with the applicant, they will notify the department if the individual accepted, declined, presented a counter offer, etc. and when the anticipated start date will be.

All new hires will be required to undergo a Criminal Background Check (CBC). Results of the CBC must be finalized prior to the employee beginning work. HR will advise the department when the CBC is finalized. Once the CBC is complete, the department can request that the employee visit HR prior to their start date to present their I-9 documents. This may facilitate earlier access to systems, keys, etc.

PeopleSoft Training Guides

Need access to eRecruit? Send a note to your HR strategic partner to request access. It will take 2-3 business days to process.