Staff Recruitment

Job Posting

  • The PeopleSoft eRecruit Hiring Manager Training Guides below will walk you through the process.
  • eRecruit job openings which have gone through all approvals will be posted by human resources within 24-48 hours of their receipt.
  • Biweekly (hourly) paid positions will be posted for one week.
  • Salaried (monthly) positions will be posted for a minimum of two weeks.
  • Contact human resources for approval to post for additional time. 
  • Applications can be submitted until midnight on the application deadline date.
  • Applications and any attached resumes can only be received electronically through eRecruit.

HR Screening of Applications

  • At the end of the posting period a recruiter screens all applications against the minimum qualifications set forth in the position classification specification assigned to the position.
  • An automated screening process is used.

Interviewing and Hiring Candidates

  • Before you are ready to interview your candidates, please review the Recruit Overview document. This document will guide you through the interviewing, selection, and hiring process.

Peoplesoft Training

The PeopleSoft eRecruit hiring manager training guides below will guide you through the process of using our online recruiting tool:

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Quick References: