Posting Student Employment Opportunities

Student employment opportunities are advertised through the Career Opportunities and Employer Relations (COER) website. Please contact the COER office for information on posting your student employment opportunities.

Important Note

Please know that students are not eligible to work until the hiring department receives an email verifying that the ePAF has been executed into the system. Students must submit their documents to human resources before this will occur.

Steps Required for Department

  • Before initiating a hire ePAF, check MIS Web Applications to see if the student is currently working.
    • The combined standard hours for all concurrent jobs should not exceed 20 hours.
  • Check Joe'SS to verify that the student is eligible for student title.

Provide the student with the Student Employee Registration Handout and inform your student hire to complete the following forms:

When submitting the ePAF for a new student hire, make sure to submit their completed forms, listed below:

  • Student Employment Application Form
  • Signed FICA Checklist (completed by hiring department, signed by student)
  • Signed Training Acknowledgment Form

After the ePAF has been submitted by the hiring department, inform your student hire that they will receive an email requiring them to fill out information in myHR.

Once personal information has been added to myHR, the student must submit valid I-9 identification documents and other files detailed in the student steps below.

Steps required for students

Once a student is hired, they will need to visit the hiring department to fill out the following forms:

Student Employment Application
Student Employee FICA Exemption Checklist
Training Acknowledgement Form

The department will submit a hire form that will generate an onboarding email. The student will check their email and follow the instructions to complete the onboarding process. If an email is not received, check the spam folder. The email will direct the student to visit myHR (sign in with your university user ID and password) to complete a checklist of four forms:

Personal Information – this step will update personal information in the system.

Direct Deposit – have bank account information ready. Please note: first time entries will be accepted. However, if changes need to be made, you will need to visit Human Resources in 113 Centennial Hall to have the information updated manually.

This is NOT your debit card number or the account information on your deposit slip.

Federal and State W-4– this form determines the amount of federal and state taxes that will be withheld from each paycheck.

For help with this form go to:

International students will need to just sign and submit this form. They will be directed to manually fill out the form at a later date.

I-9 – Missouri S&T participates in E-Verify. This form verifies the identity and employment eligibility of all persons hired to work at Missouri S&T.

Foreign Visitor Tax Form (for international students only) - This form is not online. The hiring department should provide this form to students to complete and bring to the registration. You may also find the form below:

Foreign Visitor Tax Assessment Intake Form


All onboarding documents need to be completed prior to attending Student Employee Registration

After adding the required information in myHR, students will need to submit their I-9 acceptable documents during Student Employee Registration.

The required I-9 documents can be presented during Student Employee Registration:
113 Centennial Hall
9am - 9:30am or 3:00pm - 3:30pm
Monday through Friday

International students will need to bring:
a. Passport/Visa
b. Printed I-94*
c. I-20 or DS2019
d. Social Security Card**
e. Completed Foreign Visitor Tax Form                                

* For I-94 printouts, visit:

** If you do not have your social security card, you will need to visit the International Affairs office. They will provide a letter stating you will be working on campus.  You will present the letter along with the other required documentation to the Social Security Office. The list of required documents can be found at:

Students do not have to wait until they recieve their social security card to present documents to HR. However, when the social security card arrives in the mail, it will need to be submitted to Human Resources to complete the process. 

When the onboarding process is complete, the department will receive an email notifying them that the student is authorized to work. Please note that this process could take up to two business days to complete.

Students are not authorized to work until these steps have been completed.

  • Student Hours
  • Student Wages
  • Student Employee Registration

Student Hours

The total hours worked for one week should not exceed 20 hours per student. Additional hours are allowed with the advisor's written approval. 

During the summer semester, as well as winter break and spring break, a student can work up to 40 hours per week. See the last paragraph of HR 101 Employee Status for more information.

Student Wages

Please click here for the graduate student stipend sheet for 2017 - 2018

Wages are to be paid for services rendered on an hourly basis from salary and wage accounts.

Student Assistants Minimum Maximum
Level I- Work which requires a limited degree of training or skills. $7.70 $8.50
Level II - Work which requires considerable proficiency in a specialized skill or specialized experience. $8.50 $10.50
Level III - Work which requires a high degree of skills or specialized experience. $10.50 $12.50
Level IV - Entry level work in professional areas where a bachelor's degree is required. $12.50 $14.50
Level V - Advanced level work in a professional area requiring advanced capabilities or experience beyond a baccalaureate degree. $14.50 $16.50

Student Employee Registration

Students are able to attend the Registration during the following days/times:

Monday - Friday

12:00-12:30pm (Fall Semester Only)


Student Employee Registration