Prevailing & Actual Wage

What is the Prevailing Wage?

The prevailing wage is the average rate of pay paid to workers in comparable jobs possessing similar skill levels in the same geographical region. Under DOL rules we must obtain the prevailing wage from a State Workforce Agency (SESA) or from an independent authoritative salary survey.

It is very important to accurately describe the duties and responsibilities of the position as well as the minimum qualifications required of the position. In particular the job description should address factors such as:

  • complexity of job duties
  • level of judgment
  • amount of supervision
  • nature of supervision
  • level of understanding required to perform the job

Andrea Westart will coordinate the entire H-1B process and will obtain the prevailing wage determination.

What is the Actual Wage?

The actual wage is the amount paid to all other individuals with similar experience and qualifications as the H-1B worker for the specific occupation in which the H-1B nonimmigrant is employed. The factors that make up the actual wage are experience, qualifications, education, job responsibility, and specialized knowledge.