Student employee resources

Please see the steps below that all new and rehired student employees must take to gain access to their timesheet. You are not eligible to work until the hiring department receives an email verifying that the necessary paperwork has been executed in the HR PeopleSoft system. You must attend Student Employee Registration before this will occur.

Once a student is hired, they will need to visit the hiring department to fill out the following forms:

Student Employment Application
Training Acknowledgement Form

The department will submit a hire form that will generate an onboarding email. The student will check their email and follow the instructions to complete the onboarding process. If an email is not received, check the spam folder. The email will direct the student to visit myHR (sign in with your university user ID and password) to complete a checklist of four forms:

Personal Information – this step will update personal information in the system.

Direct Deposit – have bank account information ready. Please note: first time entries will be accepted. However, if changes need to be made, you will need to visit Human Resources in 113 Centennial Hall to have the information updated manually.

This is NOT your debit card number or the account information on your deposit slip.

Federal and State W-4 – this form determines the amount of federal and state taxes that will be withheld from each paycheck.

For help with this form go to:

International students will need to just sign and submit this form. They will be directed to manually fill out the form at a later date.

I-9 – Missouri S&T participates in E-Verify. This form verifies the identity and employment eligibility of all persons hired to work at Missouri S&T.

International Students - After submission of your onboarding documents, you will receive an email from the University’s Nonresident Tax Office (, located on the Columbia campus. They will request info necessary to determine your tax status and any available tax benefits.

All onboarding documents need to be completed prior to attending Student Employee Registration

After adding the required information in myHR, students will need to present their Acceptable I-9 Documents to Human Resources.

Students will need to schedule an appointment to submit the required I-9 documents by emailing Please include your student ID number in the email.

International students will need to bring:
a. Passport/Visa
b. Printed I-94*
c. I-20 or DS2019
d. Social Security Card**                                

* For I-94 printouts, visit:

** If you do not have your social security card, you will need to visit the International Affairs office. They will provide a letter stating you will be working on campus.  You will present the letter along with the other required documentation to the Social Security Office. The list of required documents can be found at:

Students do not have to wait until they receive their social security card to present documents to Human Resources. However, when the social security card arrives in the mail, it will need to be presented to Human Resources to complete the process.

Once the hiring process is complete, the department will receive an email notifying them that the student is authorized to work. Please note that after I-9 supporting documents are presented to Human Resources, the hiring process could take three to four business days to complete.

Students are not authorized to work until these steps have been completed.

To access training, sign into Percipio and select the "Launch Compliance Training" button under the "My Assignments" header. You may launch required training directly from the compliance page.