Application Process

All applications must be submitted using the online job application. Printed applications will not be accepted.

If you do not have a computer, you may use one at the Human Resources office, located at 113 Centennial Hall, 300 W. 12th St., Rolla, MO 65401. This service is available during our business hours and no appointment is necessary.

Before Starting Your Application

Before you begin, collect as much of the information below. It is necessary to have to complete the application.

  • Your active email address. (Many of the job status updates are sent via email)
  • Information about current and previous jobs and volunteer work. 
  • Company name and address. 
  • Dates of employment. 
  • Supervisors’ names. 
  • Telephone numbers. 
  • Accurate descriptions of job duties. 
  • Wage information. 
  • Skills and/or certifications. 
  • Resume and cover letter. (Optional - if you choose to include these with your application)

Starting Your Application

External applicants must register to establish a user name and password. By setting up an account, the information (i.e. resume, work history, references, etc.) you submit will be saved to use for future applications.

To do this, visit our Careers page and select the career type you are interested in. Once you've selected your type, you will click the Prospective employees link. From here, you will select the three lines in the top right corner and then select "New User". There will be prompts to help you through the set up process.

Internal applicants (active employees of the university) should apply through their myHR account.

Please see the drop downs below to get an overview of all the application steps and the different features in our eRecruit system.

How to Apply

After signing in to the erecruit system, explore the current job postings. Once you find one that matches your interests, click "Apply for Job" in the top right corner.

The information below summarizes the different steps in our application process.

Please read through the university's terms and conditions. If you agree, please check the box and click the "Next" arrow in the top right corner.

If you do not agree, you will not be able to submit an application.

If you wish to apply without uploading a resume/cover letter, please proceed to step 3.

Attach a Resume: Select this option if you have a resume saved on your computer that you would like to attach to your application.

  • On the upload page, click the "Browse" button to select your resume file from your local computer.
  • Once the file is selected, click the "Upload" button.
  • You will be asked to give your resume a unique title name.  (Tip: use a name related to the position you are applying for)

Use an Existing Resume: Select this option if you have applied for jobs in the past using this system and would like to use a resume that is associated with a previous application. (This option will only be seen if you already have resume attachments in the system.)

Attach a Cover Letter: If the position requires a cover letter, or if you choose to upload one, you will use this button to do so. 

**Important Note**:  Please read through each job posting carefully as some departments request specific formats for cover letter/resume uploads.


Some postings may require additional attachments (i.e. writing sample). Those attachments would be added here.

If additional attachments are not applicable for the position you are applying for, you may skip to step 4. 

To add in work experience, click the (+) symbol in the top left corner. A pop up will appear. Please add in as much information as possible. The areas with a (*) in front of it must be completed (Start Date, Employer, Ending Job Title).

Under "Education History", please use the drop down menu to choose your highest education level.

To add in education details, use the (+) icon.

  • When filling in the education level, country, state, and school type, it is best to use the magnifying glass. When you click on the magnifying glass, there will be a list of options for you to choose from. 

Please note, official transcripts are not required until a job offer is extended.

You will add in any licenses, certifications, and language skills in this section.

This step is not applicable to all applicants, so it is not required to complete.

Please use  the (+) to add in your references. It is best to add as much information as possible, but only the Reference Type, Reference Name, and Title are required.

Some positions may require a specific amount of references to be listed, so be sure to check the posting for those details. 

Please use the drop down menu to choose the best option on how you learned about the job posting. 

Once you choose your option, it will ask you to provide some additional information.

You will have to complete a new questionnaire for each position you apply as the questions may vary.

Select the appropriate box for each question. If you do not wish to self identify, you may select the option which reads: "I decline to provide my self-identification details."

Please take the time to review your application. If everything looks correct, you can click the "Submit" button in the top right corner. 

Understanding eRecruit

The erecruit homepage will show the options below. Please use the drop downs to understand the functions of each option.

"View Latest Jobs" will show you all open positions within the University of Missouri System. 

You may utilize the search bar at the top of the page or the the column on the left side of the page to sort by location, department, job family, and/or job post date. 

After creating a custom search, you can save the criteria by clicking "Save Seach". A pop up will appear. It will prompt you to name the search and you can request that an email be sent to you when new jobs post are posted that meet your criteria.

Active postings that meet your saved search criteria will be listed here. They will only appear if you requested for the posting notifications to be sent to you via email.

You may check here to see if you successfully submitted an application. There will be a "Status" column.

If the status of your application says "Submitted", the hiring department will be able to view your materials.

If the status of your application says "Not Submitted", it means you have started an application, but have not completed all of the necessary steps.

All of the resumes and/or cover letters you have uploaded to the erecruit system will also show here.

As you look through the job postings, you can add ones that you are interested in to your "Favorite Jobs".

To do this, click on a posting to view the job description. There will be a star on the top left corner that says "Add to Favorite Jobs".

When you save your search criteria, it will show here.

All of your personal and contact information is stored here. You may update it at any time.