Create or Reclassify a Full Time Position

When duties and responsibilities have changed significantly for a position, a reclassification needs to take place. This process can take a few days to several weeks, depending on the type of position.

Step 1.

Based on your understanding of the position's work, project if the desired position will be paid on an hourly basis or salary basis. Contact Human Resources with your questions.

Step 2.

Submit the Electronic Position Classification Questionnaire (ePCQ) by completing all of the necessary fields. See ePCQ Training Manual for detailed instructions. Please note that S&T utilizes an approval chain separate from the one listed in the manual. Our routing instructions are listed below under Step 4.

In the duties section list the major job duties. Be as descriptive as possible when describing the job duties and responsibilities. It is helpful to phrase your duties in this manner:

  • To operate, maintain and repair computer equipment and to provide technical assistance to users.
  • Prepares monthly newsletters by gathering information, writing copy, editing, preparing for publication and overseeing distribution.
  • Performs inventory spot checks and monthly counts of supplies in warehouse.

Additional remarks are required that identify why you are requesting the ePCQ (either change in title or new position) and justification.

Include the questions below in the comments box at the bottom of the ePCQ:

  • Explain why filling the position is essential
  • Funding source (chartfield string)
  • Salary information (budgeted salary range)

Step 3.

Attach an updated organizational chart of the department and/or unit in which the position is located.

Step 4.

Obtain the authorizing signatures. The department head will route the completed ePCQ, with all the above information, to their fiscal manager or delegate to verify funding is available. It will then be routed to the division leader or provost’s office for authorization before moving onto the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Operations. The Vice Chancellor of Finance and Operations will need to review and sign all ePCQs prior to them being routed to Human Resources.

Note: these approvals are required to initiate a position classification review. The outcome of the review may result in a different job title and grade level than is noted on the ePCQ. The outcome is based on the job duties and other details provided in the ePCQ. If the classification review returns a different job title or grade than was requested, ePCQ will be routed back through the fiscal manager or delegate.

Step 5. 

Classifications will be processed in the order received. This process can take a few days to several weeks, depending on the type of position. Please route any questions to Human Resources (

Step 6. 

Once a final determination regarding the classification has been made, an email notification will be sent to the supervisor or requestor. After you receive the email notification, you can begin to recruit for the position. (Learn more about recruiting for a position)

These forms are only for use within a department to gather information, not for approval submission. Please utilize the ePCQ above for review and submission through the approval chain.

Position Classification Questionnaire
PCQ-IT Addendum
PCQ-Research Addendum